Web maintenance

A well maintained and updated website is very important to attract customers. An attractive and user-friendly site makes the visitor interested. But if the site contains out-dated information or links are broken, customers are unlikely to inquire for your products or service then all of your investment regarding that site is get in vain.

A good website needs to be fresh and updated. Many websites are launched in a fanfare of hope and optimism. Pages are fresh and vibrant, content is crisp and relevant. Unfortunately for many companies it stops there.

It is a good idea to try to keep your website as up to date and as relevant as you can. If you leave it, it can quickly become outdated and irrelevant.

Creative Consulting offers web site maintenance and redesign services too. We ensure you that your site is always current, Crisp and your Internet marketing campaign stays within budget. Our standard maintenance program includes hosting on high-performance, redundant servers, content updates, support, e-mail - revising, editing, adding and changing existing Web pages to keep your website up to date.